Pale Kai is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to the spreading the enjoyment of Open Ocean Outrigger Racing. You can help us continue our mission by sponsoring our team. We have different levels of sponsorship that can cater to your budget and needs.

For more information, Contact our Sponsorship Coordinator.

Team Building

Open ocean outrigger racing is a fun and energetic sport that quires sync and finesse, demanding a unique balance between individual technique and togetherness with your boat-mates. In order to make the boats move, everyone has to work together, making paddling a perfect activity for strengthening any team.We work on building each individual’s autonomy in perfecting the basic stroke technique while at the same time developing the teams’ ability to work in unison. When each teammate is in rhythm, everyone will feel the satisfying glide of the boat across the water.

Pale Kai offers only a limited number of team building events each year, so make sure to make a reservation for your team! For more information, contact our Sponsorship Chair - palekaioutrigger@gmail.com.


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