Alumni Paddling Program

Alumni Paddling Program

Pale Kai is happy to announce our new Alumni Paddle Program! Even if your racing days are over, we would like to encourage our long lost ohana to return to the ocean sport they pressure! We are now offering go-outs on Sunday mornings at 9am, led by one of our founding uncles, Bill Hurley.

If you are interested, read the PKO Alumni Paddling Program Policy.

The basic paperwork requirements are:

  1. current SCORA waiver (1-page, double-sided only)
  2. PKO code of conduct (read & sign)
  3. PKO safety policy (read & sign)

You must also update your SCORA ID# on the SCORA website in order to be covered by insurance.

The basic safety requirements are:

  1. swim around the canoe without touching it
  2. get back into the canoe
  3. huli drill

You can sign up for upcoming go-outs by going to our fancy new Sign-up Genius. It's easy and doesn't require a password. This will allow everyone to see if there are enough people to fill a canoe (no less than 5 paddlers allowed).

Alumni Paddle Sign-up Genis

If you have any other questions that haven't been answered by the PKO Alumni Paddling Program Policy, feel free to contact Kristen Sanchez or Bill Hurley. A hui hou!

Bill Hurely

Required Waivers and Literature

The following waivers and are required to join Pale Kai's Alumi Paddling Program. Please review supporting documentation as well.

Membership Dues

Dues for our Alumni Paddling progam are $200 per year.

Contact Nancy Needham, treasurer, if you need to request a payment plan ( or (805) 235-2249 text is ok).

Nancy Needham
2510 Bay Vista Lane
Los Osos, CA 93402


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