2018 Member Registration

This year, we’ve enlisted the help of TeamSnap again to streamline our member registration process. In one swoop, you’ll accomplish the following things:

  1. Sign up for a new TeamSnap account – OR – import an existing TeamSnap account
  2. Complete your member profile including emergency contact info
  3. Sign the PKO Code of Conduct Policy
  4. Sign the PKO Saftey Policy
  5. Download your 2018 SCORA waiver and get information about the new smart waivers
  6. Select your payment method for dues - online or offline.
  7. And relax… because you just signed up for another year paddling!

Ready to complete your Pale Kai Outrigger registration for 2018? Click the button below!

If you’re not ready to pay dues, select the “offline” payment method and pay later!

Register Online

If you have used TeamSnap before, click on "Import Participant". If you're new to TeamSnap, click "Add Participant".

Important Registration Dates

Feb 1, 2018

Registration opens to the public for the 2018 season

March 1, 2018

We will archive our 2017 season in TeamSnap. Register online to continue receiving PKO team communications

May 1, 2018

Online registration closes

TeamSnap What?

It’s a cloud-based team management service that makes it super easy to communicate with your teammates. It’s like Facebook… but just for us. Last year we introduced TeamSnap to help with our internal communications and it went pretty good. So we’re doing it again this year!


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