We've got a program for every paddler

Want to join Pale Kai this year? Get in on our Recruitment Program

Session two of our Recruitment Program starts Sunday at 8am and you need to be there. March practice in Morro Bay is essential to starting the year off right for our novice team. Find all the information you need about our Recruitment Program on our website and sign up.

Recruitment Program

Ready to train hard and race against the best? Get ready for the Open Program

The Open Program is for Women and Men who are ready to train hard and participate in competitive outrigger races. We’ll be practicing 3 days a week in the six-man canoes along with a 4th day of OC1 training for those gunning for top crew. There will be time trials, seat racing, and victory at the podium. Find all the information you need about our Open Program on our website.

Open Program

Want to paddle but not race? The Alumni Program is for you!

Have you paddled with Pale Kai before or another outrigger club? Are you looking to get on the water with your fellow club members and just have fun instead of training for race season? The Alumni program is just for you! You are invited to participate in regular Monday and Saturday practices throughout the season, and in all offseason paddling. Find all the information you need about our Alumni Program including registration on our website.

Alumni Program


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