2017 Practice Schedule


First day of Vet Practice March 18th Women will practice Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Men will be Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. Jean will plan to attend 1 day a week with the men and 1 with the women. This will be our technique day. We will still have a high-intensity workout but our focus with be on the stroke and blending.

Saturdays will be combined and working on both technique and cardio training. ALWAYS BRING SHOES TO PRACTICE. If the conditions are bad, and we do not go out on the water we will do land training! Come prepared. The coaches will be making the call as to whether we go out and paddle or not. If neither coach is at practice well will assign someone to take point.

First day of Novice Practice First day of Novice practice is March 12th. More information coming soon.

Fitness Testing

Fitness testing will be on March 11th and 12th from 12-2pm at the Avila Bay Club.

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You will be tested on the following:

  • 500-yard swim
  • 5k meter erg
    If you have access to an erg ( rowing machine) please complete this before hand and send me a picture of your screen once you have completed the 5,000 meters. If you don’t please email me so we can schedule you to take the test on either the 11th or 12th. If you don’t know how to row on the machines watch this great video.
  • 2 minutes of Max effort
    pull ups, sit ups and push ups.

2017 Membership Dues and Waivers

Dont forget to complete your 2017 Scora waivers and pay your dues! Everything you need is only the membership page. Waiver and Dues Info


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