CPR & First Aid Training

PKO is proud to offer a Red Cross certification course in CPR/FA for the first time. The class will cost $19/person, which is a great deal! It is a blended learning program where each person will complete some online material and do the written test on their own, then complete the hands on skills in class (60-90 min). If you are interested, please contact Kristen and indicate which night of the week would work best for you (Thurs-Sat).

If you already have first responder medical training AND are willing & able to assist in a medical emergency at practices and/or races, please contact Kristen. Indicate your current credentials and your level of willingness to assist (i.e. practices but not races OR anytime). This information will be posted in the shed and, if you agree to be available at races, it will be shared with the SCORA race director.

Kristen Sanchez PKO VP and chief safety officer


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