Pecho Rock Race

This year Pale Kai kicked off the 2019 season with a club race day on our beautiful home turf in Avila Beach. Dubbed “Pecho Rock Race,” there were actually two events.

In order to provide a first mock-race experience for novices all paddlers participated in an approximately 4 mile short course race through the harbor. Everyone did well and there were no hulis!

For the second event, veteran paddlers fought it out for about 12 miles in rough water. The course led outside of the Avila breakwater and upcoast for several miles with turn around at Pecho Rock. While the sun was shining, and weather was optimal for novices engaged in post-short course hydration, veteran paddlers contended with knarly wind and extremely rough water in the long course. Giant waves crashed over gunwales forcing paddlers to bail water out of the boats while steers-people and seat five paddlers paddled left for sets on end. But of course Pale Kai experience and know-how won out, no chase boats rescues needed to be performed, and every boat came into Avila harbor ready for anything this year’s race season might throw at us.

Back at the beach the whole club enjoyed barbecue, Hawaiian dancing, and a raffle. Shout out to all the donors who supported Pale Kai by contributing prizes!


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