Election Results for PKO Officers for 2023

The following individuals have been elected to serve as PKO Board Members and Officers for 2023:

  • President: No candidates. Current VP (Mike Traynor) will serve.
  • Treasurer: Stephanie Tran
  • Events Coordinator: Aggie Arvizu & Jenny Beck
  • Recruiting & Membership: Katherine Nilbrink & Cindy Vormbaum
  • Sponsorship/Fundraising: Geof Findley
  • SCORA Rep: Melissa Traynor
  • Head Coach: Scott Bixler
  • Men’s Coach: Austin Bixler
  • Women’s Coach: No candidates. Board will attempt to fill position in January.
  • Novice Coach: Andrew Wilkening & Bob Teaford

Congratulations and thank you for your service!

Note: These are the results of this year’s election. However, change happens and not all positions are up for election each year… The current & full list of Officers may be found at PKO Board.


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