2021 Board Members

The following have been elected to the Board for 2021:

  • President: Paul Worthington
  • Vice President: Jared Heinemann
  • Secretary: Jill O’Connor
  • Treasurer: Nancy Needham & Stephanie Currier (co-responsible)
  • Events Coordinator: Melissa Latimer
  • Membership: Derek Fromm
  • Equipment Coordinator: Chris Wertz
  • Transportation: Bob Teaford
  • Sponsorship/Fundraising: Kim Lillywhite
  • Communications: Tracy Lukehart
  • SCORA Rep: Dave Degroot & Sarah Donahue (alternate)
  • Head Coach: John Savarese
  • Men’s Coach: Jon Hergert
  • Women’s Coach: Tamara Jones
  • Novice Coach: Andrew Wilkening


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