Racing Program

We Race

Pale Kai is a member of SCORA and races Iron, Sprint, and 9 Man Seasons.

We Play

Pale Kai offers many opportunities to train hard and have a great time making life-long Na Hoaloha.

We Paddle

Practice starts March 15th in Avila Beach.

Practice Schedule

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, 2021 practices are currently limited to veteran paddlers who sign up for the Racing Program. There are currently no club-sponsored workouts for Novice or Alumni paddlers. Workouts are as follows:

Tuesday Thursday Saturday
All Veteran Race Paddlers OC-6 Practice
5:30pm to dusk
Avila Beach
OC-6 Practice
5:30pm to dusk
Avila Beach
OC-6 Practice
8:30am to 11:30am
Avila Beach
All Others (Novices & Alumni) There are no organized workouts for Novice or Alumni paddlers at this time.

Please plan to be on the water at the appointed time.
*Practice times subject to change due to conditions. This is mother nature... She can be fickle.


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