Dear PKO Members,

After voting, the name of the new unlimited canoe will be Akela (a KEH la), which means noble.

Sticking with a goal of mine this year, to honor the tradition of our sport, we will properly welcome Akela to our club. Welcoming a new canoe to our club is similar to welcoming a new baby to your family – it is named, welcomed, and then able to explore the world/ocean. Another tradition I would like to start in this club is to call the canoes by their names. We give the canoe a name, therefore we will use the name of the boat when referring to it. Thank you for being open to this change!

To help our club accomplish this, Melvin will be conducting a canoe blessing for Akela at Saturday morning’s practice. The blessing is planned for 8:30am on the beach at Avila. He asked me to include the following prayer so that paddlers may fully participate.

E ke akua – Dear God
Mahalo no – Thank you
Mahalo ia (ya) ‘oe – Thank you to you
No keia la – For this day
Mahalo ia (ya) ‘oe – Thank you to you
No keia wa’a – For this canoe

Sarah Donahue
PKO President


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