CPR & First Aid Training

Aloha PKO paddlers!

As we gear up for the 2017 racing season, and practices are about to resume in Avila Beach, I’d like to remind you all that spring paddling can be hazardous with our shore break. Taking caution and communicating intentions, fears, reservations, and health concerns is key to keeping everyone safe from harm. In addition, SCORA likes to know which members are capable of helping out if there is a medical emergency at a practice or race.

So…there are 2 items I’d like to discuss:

1) Which of our members have some first responder medical training AND are willing & able to step in during an emergency? This may be as simple as basic CPR/First Aid training to having a full medical degree. IF you are willing & able, please contact me with your current credentials so that I can compile a list that will be shared with PKO coaches and also sent to SCORA.

2) Which of our members would like to receive training in CPR/FA? This is never a bad idea, whether on the water or at home. One of our second-year paddlers, Heather Harris, is a Red Cross certified instructor and has offered to hold an Adult CPR/FA certification course for up to 16 people/class. The class will cost $19/person, which is a great deal! It is a blended learning program where each person will complete some online material and do the written test on their own, then complete the hands on skills in class (60-90 min). If you are interested, please contact me and indicate which night of the week would work best for you (Th-Sat). I will do my best to schedule a date that works for the majority.

Please send your answers to me, Kristen Sanchez, at lovesealife@gmail.com

Looking forward to a safe and enjoyable paddling season!!

~Kristen Sanchez, PKO VP and chief safety officer


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