Message From the President

Dear Pale Kai Canoe Club Members,

How fitting that I write this message on Inauguration Day! I am excited to take a more active role in PKO’s future and hope this message finds each of you well.

As announced this fall, my primary focuses will be on fundraising, culture, and member engagement. I am honored to serve the board as president and have already enjoyed joining a strong board team in both character and experience.

We have lots of projects already underway that will continue to help our club, and our community prosper. My focus on fundraising is twofold; to help our club purchase equipment (boat covers, radios, and canoes) as well as fund a highly anticipated welcoming luau in April.

A big thank you to our outgoing President, Jon Hergert, whose leadership has helped grow PKO’s racing future by securing our first unlimited canoe. Thank you as well to our departing board members, Annette Ausseressess, Jeff Blauer, Becky Singh, Jesse Perez, Cece Reyes, Mandy O’Connell, _____for their service.

I would like to welcome our newest board members, Jean Geddes, Head Coach, Pat Lyons, Women’s Coach, Jon Hergert, Men’s Coach and Equipment, Tom Needham, Novice Coach, Lauren Barker, Communications, Melvin Amantiad, Events, Tamara Jones, Fundraising, Laurie Stamper, Membership and Denise Morales, SCORA representative.

I am also very thankful that Kristen Sanchez (Vice President), Nancy Needham (Treasurer) and Carrie De Ruyter (Secretary) are all with us for another year. I respect their experience on the board and appreciate their advice as we continue to move forward as an organization.

Together I am very optimistic in the direction that we plan to take Pale Kai Outrigger Canoe Club.

Our January 17th board meeting was successful as we began to outline the things we hope to accomplish this year. We also welcomed Tamara Jones to the board to replace Becky Singh as she leaves us for Oregon.

Laurie Stamper has jumped right into the Membership position held by Mandy O’Connell. Laurie has spent a lot of effort making sure our club continues to grow as we hope new recruits will join us this upcoming season. Please be sure to offer your assistance to her with our upcoming demo days!

Lauren Barker has been hard at work revamping PKO’s web presence. She shared a few of the ideas she has at our board meeting and we were all impressed. Be on the look for the website launch.

Melvin Amantiad and Tamara Jones plan to work collaboratively to foster a stronger culture presence in PKO in their upcoming events

The coaches, Jean, Jon, Tom and Pat are all working behind the scenes to plan a challenge practice season for each of you.

I am also proud of Keith Slocum who is working on a project and giving back to the Central Coast aquarium in Avila by donating his expertise on a construction project. You will hear more about this in the upcoming months.

As I announced at the meeting, the Board is looking for all of our members to get involved in one way or another to include: demo days, beach cleanups, fundraising events, and so forth. These are wonderful ways in which you can have an impact on our club without making a big time commitment, please help out.

I look forwarding to seeing you at the next PKO function! Until then, take good care of yourself!

Sarah Donahue // PKO Club President


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